A Brokered Convention – The Dangers

The system of government/election process we have in America known as a constitutional Republic, gives the people the ability and hope to make direct changes in their lives. It keeps hope alive for without hope desperation and revolution are inevitable. Furthermore without this process this nation becomes a defacto dictatorship. Were the top can rule or lord over us as they wish, reminiscent of the days of King George. So now you wish to remove the illusion of choice and directly go directly against the voices of millions of American’s so far. Let me give a quick history lesson before you proceed.

We are the Americans that stood up to the escalating tyranny perpetrated by the British culminating in the Revolution that began in 1776.  We are the Americans who fought against an invasion of a hostile force in the 1812.  We are the Americans who stood up against a hostile neighbor drive them back and gave them their country back. We are the Americans who fought against ourselves in a bloody civil war. We are the Americans who stood up against tyrants worldwide, who tried to take over the world not once but twice and the story goes on and on.  We the Americans who defeated socialism and communism in the same century.  This is who we are! Stand against us at your on peril.

We are a people “forged in the furnace of freedom”. It is not in our nature nor has it ever been our nature to stand down in the face of tyranny that’s not the stuff we are made of.

Today we have been subjugated enough through the tyranny of political correctness, controlling our speech, the very words are controlled by the narrative of a media who once protected us and now have the become praetorian guard for the Emperor, as they induce soft tyranny via propaganda, executive and judicial power reminiscent of the days of King George. Why because they want to be on the winning side, however all throughout human history we found that the winning side is never tyranny? Our thirst for freedom and thirst for liberty has not diminished. However we have been distracted from who we are and who we were meant to be, for far too long by a false narrative. This is nothing more than a mission to conquer the strongest people on earth, who history has shown we cannot be conquered via force.

The first branch of the American government – “We the people”, we have a duty to enforce what will not be enforced, by those who seek to rule or lord over the people via tyranny of force, as they have forgotten their place or role we must reminder them. “The security of the free state is our responsibility.” And that was the reason the Second Amendment was put in place to do just that.

“Throughout the history of the world there have been despots, tyrants, dictators and kings who have imposed their will over those they conquered. After defeating rival armies in battle, many of these rulers went on to lead cruel, ruthless and abusive regimes largely by keeping the subjugated powerless to resist”

If the despots, tyrants, dictators are now going to be the GOP elite, then we tell you the same as we as told tyrants before you with our actions, you have forgotten you place and “we will remind you” in a very forceful way, because that’s the stuff we are made of. Count on it

Keep all this in mind when you talk of brokered conventions.