Just 11 days from now, people from all across this country; our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters join others from coast to coast, every city and every town from all walks of life and backgrounds to exact change. The one thing that they all have in common or thread that binds them is, they are Americans. Every 4 years we participate in peaceful transition of power by the consent of the people. This time some very trying times have a large majority (76 %) of the people believing our nation is going in the wrong direction. So the people have spoken and believe it’s time to focus on healing our nation and focus putting the American ideas that made us great in the first place, first back to work. The failures of the past 8 years have taken its toll.  In other words, it’s time to take care of our problems at home by putting America and her people first on the priority list. We must take care of our house, instead of other people’s house(s) around the world.

This time around we face clear and defined choice, to continue with power base of the political elite or choses to break the cycle and restore power back to the people. The time have come for us “We the people” to send a resounding message to those living in the capital, that this our land, it’s our solemn duty to remind them that we created this nation for the people by the people not for the elites to enrich them self, we must remind them of the true power of the people, via the consent of the governed.

On November 8th you will be voting for nothing short or your very survival as American’s. The American way of life that has led us to 233 years of self-rule, has been under assault, and it is high time to restore the rule of the law, avoid senseless wars, quit importing terrorists, ending chaos in the streets of our community’s, restoring order where order is lost, securing your homes and neighborhoods, securing our borders, securing our nation period.  Also of high importance; ending corruption and its stranglehold over our system by the ruling political class living in comfort in their ivory towers, putting more money in your pocket and on “your” kitchen table and bringing back stability. To reduce the size and scope of this bloated overreaching government that has inserted its self in every aspect of our life’s.

We created this government via consent of all to be governed to form a more perfect union, not to become our masters or rulers and it was in the beginning. We are fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, and we sure as hell are not going to let our children live under tyranny or as subjects to be ruled by an overreaching out of control government any longer.  Most importantly, years from now, we are not going to disappoint our families and we will not look in the incent eyes of our children and Admit we have failed them.

Because we are American’s, and That’s is the stuff we “are” made of!  We must stand on this “Day” and declare our independence this time at the voting booth, as the English has finally done them self.  We know that America’s power does not come from our armies, or anything else, it comes from energy and innovative spirt of you the a free and empowered American citizen.   Your thirst for liberty and the will to be free, that is the inherent state of the American People will make the difference for generations to come.

This is the point to be clear and concise. There will be no reset, no do-overs, this is final, for those who think you can control her for the next 4 years, look back at the last 8 years, these so called Republicans elites were not able stop or control anything.  Claims that “if only we could control Congress,” were merely fiction.  The game has become more apparent now than ever.  It is a game that we the people are pawns in.   The empty promises and constant efforts to line their pockets at our expense, created the very environment that we see today.  Not only were the promises merely lies, the game only got worse.  I feel I must ask, have “we” not suffered enough? Yet, even with all that has been stolen from the citizens, especially the past 8 years, the potential to finish the job is only a Supreme Court Justice or two away.  Should the very anti-Constitutional mindset control the Supreme Court nothing that we value will be safe, in fact we will find roadblocks preventing us from truly enjoying the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution, by gaming the system and using the mechanisms against “We the People”. 

We are now in a position to halt the damaging efforts, reverse course and right the ship.  By taking control of our destiny we can affect the right change necessary to not only, “make America great again,” but perhaps more importantly, MAKE AMERICA RIGHT AGAIN! This is our solemn duty to our founders, ancestors, the brave soldiers that endured the ultimate sacrifices to gift us the single greatest example of freedom and liberty ever created on Earth.  This is our solemn duty to our fellow citizens and the generations to come.  To shirk this duty is perhaps the ultimate sin and must be avoided at all cost.  We are American, it is high time to remember what that means and act accordingly! 

Written By Jerry Odom “Iron Patriot” with editorial help from fellow “Iron Patriot” Jamey Clayton