What amazes me more than anything, is the blatant disrespect that we are given as those who believe in our constitutional republic, those who fought and died for it, to give you “liberals” posing as “Americans” who actually are nothing more than “national socialist”, the right to talk with such distain and disrespectful to us “Real Americans” when you cowered in your homes as we kept you safe, fighting against national Socialism is in our DNA and does not make us look foolish, however you would like us to believe that it does, because you are the national Socialist, now we fought the national Socialist in World War II and that is who we fought against let me be clear, or your grandparents, were fighting against them. Somehow I don’t think your grandparents and grandfathers and fathers and brothers and sisters who died at the hand of Tyranny of the national Socialist we they foolish also. You keep believing that your precious Obamacare and so called “liberal” policies (code word) aren’t the same as the policies that were implemented by the “national socialist“ so you can sleep good at night, all cozy in your government blanket, however one day “you” wake up and realize that you are the very enemy itself.