Fake news or weaponized news

let’s talk logic for a minute, not a motion.

Even Chris Wallace himself admits that there is bias in the media, bias against the pro-American agenda in America, do you realize how crazy that’s sounds. They have a bias towards progressive socialism, all throughout history socialists have been masters of propaganda, Masters of controlling the message and narrative to fit their political agenda, where they have effectively weaponized the news, using our own values against us, claiming they have a right to do so under the First Amendment. Again, do you see how crazy that is? They’ve created an insurgency a rebel resistance using the news. 

Fake new or weaponizes news history but the national Socialist of 1940s were very good at propaganda if not masters of propaganda and they use that as a political tool. It’s no different today.

what you call it when a majority of networks outlets work in unity, for example, so-called news outlets like Communist news network Washington compost New York slimes all the crap and nothing but crap. A majority of these network outlets plus a whole bunch of other outlets have a leftist socialist mentality and bias, more importantly, they try to control the message in the media and what that the public sees, they constantly run stories that are inaccurate, not factual. To go after a political candidate or a sitting US president because he doesn’t toe the line that the above outlets want him to, he doesn’t believe in the socialist mentality, we the people do not believe in a socialist mentality, and considering our grandfathers paid a great price for fighting socialism in world war two and then turn around in the same sentence and say hey we have a freedom of press paid for with that sacrifice, again you see how crazy that is. You don’t have the freedom to propagandize or weaponizes the news. unless your Democrat (Socialist) to do so it’s amazing how they get away with everything there’s no rule law, there are no rules for them, they seem to get away with everything. That’s fake news its propaganda to the extreme, to the likes that the center for ministry and enlightenment of 1932 would be encouraged by the level of propaganda happening in America. And yet either they don’t see it or they’re doing it on purpose. We know that the doing it on purpose because it’s a unified effort, why else would all these outlets be working together to destroy America. They are the enemy of the people the enemy of freedom the enemy of truth.