I am going to show “you” some examples of how we have changed, not for the betterment of our futures, so indulge me, for you may find this beneficial.

Picture this if you will – You live in a town that requires you to get your dog registered, to pay a fee just for a owning a dog and if you don’t pay the fee they come and take your dog, even though you have had the dog for five years before they implemented this dog registration program.
Would you then let them take your dog?

Picture this if you will – Every day you walk your dog in the same place, same route for 2 years.
The town decides to require you to pay a fee to walk your dog, Yes just for a walking your dog along that route, the same route you been walking for the last 2 years, and if you don’t pay the fee they come and arrest you and take your dog.
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – Every day you drive to work on the same road for 10 years, the town decides to requires you to pay a fee or toll to use this road, the same road you have driven on for the last 10 years.
The road conditions have not changed, and if you don’t pay the fee, they issue you ticket and then they suspend your driver’s license.
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – You live in a town that requires you to register your rifle, to register and pay a fee just for a owning a gun, and if you don’t pay the fee they come and take your gun, even though you have had the gun for ten years before they implemented this gun registration program.. Would you then let them take you gun?
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – You are German citizen who has always wanted to live in America, it has been “your” life time goal, you get the opportunity to come to the states for a new job, you work hard and learn English and become a naturalized citizen of the United State of America, your dreams are realized, mission accomplished.
Then you find out that your neighbor, who does not speak English and has enter the country without prior authorization, has no visa, and who is getting free schooling, reduced cost housing, food stamps, free healthcare and now they are being offered a program to become us citizens and will be given forgiveness for all past transgression and crimes.
You feel like some like someone just slapped you in the face and called you a sucker.
However, you realized your dream the correct way, respecting American traditions that you long sought to be part of, respecting American law.
Most importantly, you do not owe anything to anyone for what “you” have accomplished on “your” own. “You” have something to be proud of.
These others, all “they” did was just walk across the southern border and were rewarded for breaking the law, working illegally and now they owe a big favor that will be repaid with votes.
What did they accomplish on “their” own?
They disrespected American traditions, our culture and our laws.
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – you live on a large plot of land.
Your cows, often feel free to roam on the open land next door and they eat the grass and roam free, then 100 years later the government come along and imposes new rules, requiring you to pay a fee for you to use the same land you used for over 100 years, to pay a fee for something you have done for over a 100 years, you don’t pay the fee, so the government comes with great force and takes your cows, even though you never changed the way of cows roam free for over a 100 years before they implement this cow grazing fee program, claiming they own the land they’re grazing on.
Would you then let them take your cows or kill your cows and then pay them a fee?
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – you own a large lots in suburban neighborhood, you were the first to build there, you hang your American flag in pride of “your” new home you just built for your family.
Many years later the whole neighborhood is now full.
One hot summer day you decide to a build a pool in your fenced in back yard and you get a letter the from the local community board that states you can’t build on “your” own private land, and then the next letter you get is a notice to take down your American flag because its offends your neighbors.
None of these rules were in effect when you purchased and built your home 10 years ago.
Is this what we have become?
When is it too much?

Picture this if you will – Your chosen profession is as a roofer for the last 20 years.
You started your company and have been very successful, with over 100 employees, you have followed all the rules over the years including insurance etc..
Then they government changes the rules for those who are in the country without permission, further encouraging others to do that same.
You begin to realize that all new roofing projects are being under bid by half or far less the price you have been charging for years, competition is good, however when you realize your new competitors are not following the rules, your company that has lasted for 20 years begins to fail, because you simply cannot compete with others who are not the following the rules set forth.
So you are forced to lay off your American workforce and in effort reduce cost and remain viable or you close your doors forever.
Is this what we have become?
When is it too much?

I hope “you” see the point, I am driving here. Our values are being changed for us.
We have been subjected to soft tyranny and a great loss of freedom and liberty, the soft tyranny has grown piece by piece to become hard tyranny.

Either you side with the governmental tyranny or side with “We the people” because there is no middle ground.
Either you support tyranny or you don’t, and it is everywhere.

The battle lines have been drawn, those who believe in the cause of liberty, and those who pervert it.
We must understand this there is no middle ground, and those who sympathize with those who pervert liberty are no different from those who pervert liberty directly.

We will no longer accept the labels imposed on any of us by those who pervert the cause of liberty in the name of power and control.
Our Society is becoming desensitized to being oppressed, and that means a terrifying Future for Our Children and their Children.

Lies, distractions, demonization, and propaganda, along with a full psychological program of misinformation which is designed to crush our spirits and divide us.
With the media outlets controlling the narrative, it is time for the truth… in a nation built on the idea of Liberty.
Our constitution is the centerpiece of liberty and freedom, its purpose is to protect the people’s rights.
To provide equal opportunity’s under the law, not equal outcome.
The facts are simple, our constitution protects you the citizen every single day, without it we would not be the freest nation on the planet, and would be subjected to the whims of man, as we are seeing today, and not protected by the rule of law.
Law is reason without emotion, humans are emotional, and must be bound by logic and reason.
If we do not have law, we have what we now have today.
So the progressive liberal left, they know this and understand this, see now how they exploit our system and our good nature as Americans.

My fellow American’s we are smarter than this, we must see through the lies.
Words like intolerance, racist, fear mongers, homophobia, islamophobia, undocumented immigrants, tolerance, and political correctness.
These are terms and tools in newly rebranded communist arsenal, used to beat down dissenters of the progressive liberal left mission, they are a means to control and take our liberties and freedoms very effectively.
That’s the real truth and nothing but the truth so help me god.

However right now today, the problems we face are a direct result of failed leadership and core Democrat and Rhino policies alike, plus a very a deep complacency in regards to maintaining our freedoms.
We have effectively given up our rights to representation to the special interests groups, billionaires, global central banks & big corporations.
Islam is making incredible inroads with use of the same tools mentioned above.
Using its American funded oil money, a problem easily solved.

What we had before the Democrats started taking control over everyone’s lives via regulations and extended governmental overreach and control.
Now there is rampant corruption via added tax code through campaign donors to elect lawmakers who did write laws requiring us to buy things (which is why the campaign donor funded these lawmakers to begin with).
The career politicians are addicted to the federal income tax and the power it yields, losing all sight of reality.

Take a hard look at what we have today — this is the epic price of failure, brought to you by progressive Socialism via Democrat ideology and complacency.

This was written by Jerry “Iron Clad” Odom and some contributions by Suzanne Solomon.