Gun Laws 

Congress nor any branch of the government to include any and all local, city or state or any private entities, shall not make any laws/rules/ordinances/regulation or policy’s that restricts or denies the right to bear arms, or firearms in any way or method, regardless of any make or model or functionality. The right to bear arms is a fundamental requirement for maintaining our freedom from Tyranny in any form, including our own government.

Furthermore, any restrictions pertaining to or stemming from the same right, including but not limited to, access, ammo, or accessories of any type for any firearms is also included in this amendment.

No taxation on arms or firearms/accessories will be applied at any level.

Enforcement: Any infringement will result in the removal of any individual(s) regardless of position/title and the use of deadly force is authorized to restore this amendment by any constitutionally authorized militia after a five-day grievance is filed with offending agency, if the offending agency refuses to reverse it(s) action(s) within that time frame. Any individuals or officials who violate the infringement clause will no longer be eligible for any public office ever again, this is a permanent lifetime ban at all levels, and will be stripped of any compensation or any further benefits. Furthermore, no law enforcement agency including military or private Security can intervene or interfere with this action, therefore this action of restoration, will not be considered a rebellion or insurrection.

Citizens have every right to match arms with any governmental or private entity. It shall be deemed illegal to have gun or firearm “free zones” established by any level of government or any private entity. This includes local, city, state, and all federal levels. Doing so would constitute a crime against the people’s ability to protect themselves against any threat of bodily harm. It will be within the rights of the citizens to act with the full authorization contained within this amendment, to ensure restoration of, and the maintaining of, these rights, including the use of force if needed.

Survivability: To maintain the security of this amendment, it can never be overruled, removed, or preceded by any current or future Law or any constitutional amendment. Nor may it be superseded or disjoined by the any member of the United States, or, by any level of Government, including but not limited to, local, city, county, state, and Federal, including any executive or presidential order, Treaty, or any clause or any court worldwide, including any governing body globally.

Mandatory educational classes to be taught in every school public and private no exception:

Gun ownership and maintenance starting at the 7th grade no exceptions

The reason and the history of the right to bear arms

the 28 principles of freedom

The reason we are a constitutional republic

Personal responsibility and the value of life