This whole left / right concept was created to distort the truth, to give a nicer cover names, too ugly terms or names that have too much bad blood and history attached to them, so the people just put a pretty face change the words and wow all the bad history is gone, now it is friendlier for new conversations and they can continue their agenda under new terms but with the same mission.

Let’s start with how many of have the idea. That the extreme right holds figures like Hitler, and extreme left might be Lenin or Carl max, is that even true or major distortion of the truth and reality, Very much so, let me explain,
This becomes crystal clear, especially if you understand the reality of political control or expected outcome of each side. To be based in facts you must first understand political power like our founders of America did by using a simple scale that starts at 0 is no control( no government) and then goes to 100 being total control. The more the scale moves up towards the higher numbers the less freedom and liberty we have and the more control the government has to lord over you.

So the name of Republican or Democrat matters not these are smokescreens and games they are playing to give you the illusion of choice. In reality, if a Republican says they are for liberty look at their actions and where they might fall in the scale of power that’s all you need to do it’s that simple

So our founders choose the middle of this concept 40-50% realizing that some government was need to maintain the rule of protect the rights of the people, to create people’s law, a representative form of government by the people for the people with limited government powers and again the rule of law, See this Left right nonsense to has been spoon-fed to the American people from all sides for far too long and is used cover up the truth and the reality.

That any group that seeks to move the scale to the higher numbers is actually seeking more control over the people period.

So it’s really about control nothing more, understanding this reality, helps you frame the truth, that Hitler, Lenin, etc.. Sought to control and did control every aspect of speech, Censorship, gun control, healthcare, and many social issues via political and governmental control that in short order turned into a dictatorship or absolute control by the state with no rights to the people or freedoms, this is historical fact… a simple Fact is that this all started from Socialism is the gentlest form when they try to fix social issues via government control. So see it for what it is, this left term is nothing more than a smoke screen for Socialism or a possible path to total control and history has shown this to an absolute undeniable fact.

That every time a government takes this path it ends badly for the people.