A message to all Liberals

–From the Real Americans  i.e. constitutionalist’s

Attention all you Liberal, socialist, Communist, Marxist, progressive’s, Democrats, anti-Constitutionalist, establishment rhinos, Anti-Liberty, Anti-American, Muslims and those who embrace sharia law or, whatever you call yourself these days, you know who you are.

All we want to do is divorce ourselves from the failed policies that you have created.
Policies that create massive dependencies and the utter reliance upon an overreaching big government that denies the rightful liberty of the individual and the self-reliant nature.
Save us from having to hear the hate speech you will make regarding us, as well as your future lies and propaganda, we are not going to fall for it.
We don’t seek to debate or ague with you.
We simply want to divorce ourselves of you to remove the threat you pose to us, our families, our children, and our way of life.

Furthermore we will not be accepting your lies, distractions, demonization, and propaganda, along with the full psychological programs you will engage to use as a means to discredit us.
By calling us extremists only serves to further demonstrate our point, you seek to control what is not yours to control.
You use fake elections and polls to control the outcome the way you want it to appear, then provide misinformation to crush our spirits and hopes, then use your media outlets to control the narrative, all the while attempting to brainwash the public into believing that this is reality.
This is the made up reality that you are trying to force upon us and convince us to believe in.
Then you use Voter fraud to try to make it appear credible as an election, but you are only adding insult to the injuries you have already made.
We know that this is how you do things currently in America of 2012 and ironically, in a nation built on the idea Liberty and Freedom of choice.

We want to restore the values that made the United States the symbol of freedom and liberty to the world, that it was when it was established and working under a set of defined values.
We want to once again be able to focus on the individuals within this nation and nurture their inherent innovation, independent thought.
We also want to encourage a true free market system.

Our constitution is the centerpiece of liberty and freedom, its purpose is to protect the people’s rights.
To provide equal opportunities under the law, not equal outcome.
These facts are simple.
Our constitution protects you and every other citizen of this nation every single day.
Without it we would not be the nation with the greatest freedom on the planet, and we would be subject to whims of men, and not protected by the rule of law.
Law is reason without emotion, humans are emotional, and must be bound by logic and reason.
If not, we end up with what we have today.

We know that you, the progressive left, (i.e. those named above) understand these concepts, and that you use our own system to exploit the good nature of all the true Americans.
We understand that you are doing this, we are aware of what you are doing to abuse our way of life and that you are doing it from within.
We have realized this, and we are smarter than this, we see through the lies.
You use words like intolerance, social justice, right-wing extremists, racist, tea-baggers, homophobia, Islam-o-phobia, assault weapons, undocumented immigrants, political correctness, and so on ad nauseam.
These are only terms and tools in your progressive leftist movement tool box, and that they are your means to control or take our liberties and freedoms.

Again we know that you are trying to take and control what is not yours to control, that is the real truth, and nothing but the truth.
You know it, and now you know we know it, so let’s stop playing this game and move on with the divorce.
You can keep presenting, propagating, and living the lie you want to present, and we will go live happily in liberty and freedom once again.