2nd Principle: A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.

It has also been said, that a Republican form of government or a constitutional Republic only works because the people believe in the rule of law and voluntarily follow the rule of law, self-governed by the understanding that there are consequences for violating constitutionally instituted law, not just to the law itself, but to a higher power.

This the only way that any form of government can really work? If we do not voluntarily agree and consent to be governed by the rules of this constitutional Republic, there is no system of government anywhere on earth that could force millions of people to comply with it without the use of overt tyranny; this is a fact, not only today in 2015, but throughout all of human history.

It has also been said that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God because God created you to be free and to make your own choices via free will. So when they make a law that is outside of the Constitution i.e. our Republican form of government, it becomes a tyranny and must be resisted. To comply, and not to resist such tyranny, means that you give up your faith in a higher power, your belief in a constitutional Republic, and allow the state to become your Lord and Savior. This is not the inherent state of man or mankind, it is to be free as our creator intended. Again when God created you, you were given free will to make choices and decisions for yourself, so the choice is yours and yours alone – tyranny or liberty.

However let me ask you this if you do not understand our constitutional system, How do you know when it has been violated and has become tyranny?