Why it’s not a gun problem – Pure Logic!  

Take for example any style gun whether it’s a single shot or a repeating shot per trigger pull.  

 The reason is not a gun problem is quite simple:  

Fact number one: There are no guns that can operate or dispense projectiles i.e. fire by themselves without required human action. These are inert in-actionable tools, it is impossible for these tools to operate on their own, in the same way a fork, spoons, pencils, a drill, saw, automobiles, mobile phones, Hammer, Knife or even a computer keyboard “none” of these tools or devices can operate on their own and must have human interaction, to make them functional in the course of any action, as they are inanimate objects that require a human action to pick them up and operate them.   

Fact number two: It takes a finger on a human hand attached to a human arm attached to a human body attached to the human nervous system which is linked to a human brain that’s control these actions. 

Fact number three: upon the many actions it requires to operate this tool, how does it operate, where the bullets go, it does require a lot of effort to operate this device, however most importantly it does requires certain level of cognitive ability, and ability to make decision of what type of gun “You” are going to use which requires reason and thought, and most importantly the ability to take a human life.  

Which also requires thought and interaction and a decision process, that is created inside of the brain of the person who is about to commit an illegal act using free will. They must have time to think about it, they had to buy the gun, figured out its operational aspects, after all, they have a plan, all of this is premeditated with the goal of a pre-determined outcome. It’s not a mystery that is the reality and that is the fact of life when you wake up in the morning and decide to put on your favorite shirt that is a choice nonetheless the same.  

Every action we take is an action we meant to take, whether it’s getting up and going to lunch with your coworkers are going to your car to get a rifle to carry out their premeditated murder “you the person” have already planned out. If we continue to live in a society where we don’t recognize that as reality. The consequences of our actions become irrelevant and the actions of one will affect the actions of many others because without consequences people can carry out any action they want until they are stopped.  

In many cases, they knew exactly what they were doing how they were going to Accomplished their premeditated very well thought out action plan, and action being the operative word. It and it was well thought out which leads me to the number one point this is a human problem, not a gun problem. Because even if a tool like a gun did not exist they would use any other devices to create the mayhem of the chaos they themselves seek to create and their premeditated action.  

In the end, this is about people not valuing the life of other people regardless of their motivation.  

We need to stop being intellectually dishonest about the root cause of this issue.  

When you’re driving in a car in the car in front use lands on your break and your unable to stop that’s an accident but again we don’t blame the car we blame the driver for not being able to stop quick enough.  

 When you get behind the wheel of an automobile after having too much to drink and kill somebody you’re charged with a crime, not the car itself.  

 So, it’s not a gun problem to say so is again intellectually dishonest and not getting to the root cause of the problem.  

Fact number four:  

in many of these mass shooting incidents there is again a human failure, there are multiple documented factual accounts of the failures of law enforcement both locally and federally.  

Then there are multiple accounts of more human failure in the already cumbersome and background check process. Again, these failures are based on people not doing their jobs, from the federal employee who didn’t enter the correct information into the federal database so the background check system would work properly, to the cowards and law enforcement who refused to engage the shooter fearing they may be shot themselves why are you doing that job when getting possibly getting shot at is part of the job description. People with full cognitive abilities made a choice not to do their job, in turn, that has caused this issue and suffering, not an inanimate object they cannot function on its own.  

Should we, in turn, charge the people who failed in their duties with a crime or negligence should they be fired for incompetence or even charged with manslaughter, or should we blame them and not an inanimate object that requires human intervention to operate? I hope you see my point.  

Creating more laws that restrict the rights of self-defense which is an inherent right of American citizens does not make us safer, but murderers already illegal, unless it’s a baby and a mother’s womb.  

Fact number five: 98% of every mass shooting occurs in a place where they know people will not shoot back or defend themselves, gun free zones create nothing more than an opportunity for those who have premeditated intentions to commit murder of their own free will.  

 Fact number six: the clear and concise language used in the second amendment has been put their place protect the people and give them a means of defense.  

 In the third section again notice the placement of the “,” “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It says nothing about permits or registration, location restrictions types, models, etc. 

 Also keep in mind the supreme arbiter rights are not activist judges imposing judicial tyranny and telling you what you can have a cant have, it’s a simple text, they often try to convince you it doesn’t mean what it actually says, and because they’re wearing these black robes some think that that makes it official, it has nothing to do and what you think it means it has whether you can read plain English are not. “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  

 You must decide what is the right for the protection of you and those that you love. Hundreds of thousands have died to give you that right. And if you being clearheaded and intellectually honest with yourself minus any political agendas you’ll be able to see that.  

 The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights make up what it means to be an American, it is your birthright as an American or naturalized citizen. If you choose to not to accept or understand those rights as they are afforded to you, you do that at the risk of losing your own freedom. As it is stated also in the second amendment. 

 The next section says; “being necessary to the security of a free state”. So how this is different from the first section is simple. This is plain English; you do not need a dictionary to read and understand this. The terms have not been changed since it was written. “The security of a free state free from the tyranny of overregulation, overtaxing, etc.” Which is exactly what the original founders were fighting against.