Clearly, the social engineering of the left has been effective, stripping and denying people the rights of reality, drinking too much Obama Sutton Style Kool-aide.  Some people think they can reason with them however it is not possible, our founder(s) knew this, and our grandfather(s) knew this, evil cannot be reasoned with it must be removed.

The Left is always about changing realities to suit their needs at the time, considering they are based on the whims of men, not logic law or common sense, they always claim to be for the people, the worker the middle class as they enslaved them in the unions take their money without any freedom of choice, they’re really good at is turning people into slaves, removing the inherent state of mankind and the independent human nature, taking away their aspirations, their individuality, even stripping and denying their biological differences under natural law, all under the disguise it will be good for you, to all be the same united under a singular identity, you’re not a man nor a woman you’re just a number or resource to be utilized in one big socialist utopia.

Even now we have to refer to them as the left because we can refer to them by their real name because that is socially awkward due to the years of social engineering based on the Communist Manifesto, they are masters at manipulating you, by using your own values and your principles and your good nature against you, the leftist i.e. communist is all about control, they will repeat a phrase or a slogan or an idea over and over again until you’re so sick and tired of hearing it, and some start believing the lie and you just accept it as a false reality.

The most ironic thing is this, most don’t have jobs, and are bleeding our welfare system dry, originally intended as a simple safety net now has become a dependent mechanism used quite effectively by the government. Because they’ve been taught that government owes them a living, but there is an unlimited amount of money delivered by pixie fairies, and the fairy dust will never run out as long as they believe in their government. The evident hypocrisy is easy to see some will utilize our capitalistic system to get rich, while claiming they hate it, however in a textbook (the only place it actually works) socialist utopian vision there all the same and can’t have any more money than the next person or even recognize there on biological differences, it’s a very monolithic movement or ideology based on control.

Either way, they have time to sit around and think about how important and revolutionary’s they think they are, in reality, their ideas have failed mankind over and over again at a great cost of human life over 100 + million dead. Evil is evil is just wearing different names throughout history.

To recognize when you are being manipulated is quite a skill.

What is fascinating to me is this whole concept that they must change our system to suit their needs when they don’t even understand the roots and the full ideology of their own system.

It would be far easier and they would far bean in their own utopian vision if they would just move to a country that has there desired the form of government, there are plenty of them out there. They’re always claiming that it works in that they have succeeded in this and that but yet they’re still here trying to change our system to once again to a failed ideology, one only has to look at the roots of Europe or the ashes of Europe to realize that this time will be no different than the next time. So, if they were to employ any common sense or any life experience or logical behavior, they would pack their bags and go live in one of these utopias around the world, now would that not make more sense.

Now would It not would be far better and they would be “far” happier, if they would just move to a country that has there desired form of government, in which they wish to live in utopian bliss, the think there we hear people claim how great their home country is or was “was” being the operable word, if they were so great why did they leave if they were so great why are these countries not prospering. And of course, if they’re so great why you here in this country that you do not have anything in common with, and yet they are full of as many excuses you can think of is why they still live here and they would like to change our system over getting on an airplane and moving somewhere else.

So, would it not be much easier to go live in a place that already had these systems of government in place, rather than try to convert ours, I mean they have tried for 230 years and failed every time, it’s clear they are cowards and don’t really want to live in a communist or socialist country or they would pack their bags and leave. However, they don’t want to be controlled unless they’re doing the controlling.  Now I have to get back to work and pay my taxes so some socialist posing as an American can collect their government do the welfare check and insult me and i.e. biting the hand that feeds them, so they can feel relevant, God forbid they look in the mirror and realize were there real problem is. “And yes, I said this somebody had to”