Our Government

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a “Republican” Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

The Republican form is based on the foundation that people are supreme, and governments are instituted to help secure their rights to life, liberty and property.
Examples of sovereign prerogatives are the right to defend private property with deadly force, right of locomotion (freedom to travel) upon public roads and waterways, and free exercise of rights and powers.

This is our framework.

So any other system of governess that is outside of our framework, is clearly and logically illegal and against our established and stated form of government.
Even if they change they name or re-label it, it is outside of the framework.

There are countless examples to show the actions and policies implemented today are not based on the above text of our established framework.

Charters of Negative liberty’s:
Socialism, communism, liberalism, imperialism, fascism, and Marxism and Muslim (sharia law) alike policies all share common traits, they are charters of negative liberty, meant to control, not based in freedom or liberty, therefore we do not support or embrace any gray areas on this subject. Gray areas only lead to negative liberty or loss liberty.

So let me state, what must be clear to you now.
This current form of government that we find our selves living under currently is therefore illegal.

Just a few Notes:
Thoughts versus Actions: Is the thought or expression of the above negative liberties illegal?
The answer is: “NO”. We don’t care about your thoughts or expressions as much as we do value liberty.

Is the action of implementing, promoting in practical terms, or applying to, the above Systems or policies of negative liberty a crime ?
The answer is: Clearly it is!

If a Candidate is running for any public office and embraces the above negative liberty’s, or, if he bears allegiance to any of these system(s), then that is an action against our framework and must be removed from the pool of Candidates. Furthermore if a newly elected Candidate embraces the above charters of negative liberties by his actions, then he must be removed.

I just wanted point out the difference to avoid any confusion, because only actions matter.
For Example:
I often think about building a time machine, however until I turn that into action, it’s nothing more than a thought, and cannot affect the space-time continuum.